Emailing a link to download files.

If you've designed your book in other software, you can order it from us using the UPLOAD / QUOTE link at the top of our website.

When ordering this way, you can paste a Wetransfer or Dropbox link into the "details" box of the item you're ordering.

When you order this way, your job will appear on a list for an agent to download and attach to the appropriate item, ready for production to start.

If you emailed us a link to new files because of a problem with the job, or because your job was placed on hold, or if you rather choose to email us that link at a later stage after ordering, an agent who receives that email will locate your job, place it on hold, download the files and attach them to the appropriate item, and if everything looks good, remove the hold and send the job on to production.

It's very important to include your order number and clear instructions about the files when sending them by email so that the agent can allocate them appropriately.

Additionally, if you have a support request open in this regard, please do not mark the request as solved. Doing this will prevent the agent from seeing your request. The agent will mark it as solved themselves, when they have completed the request.

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