What is RapidStudio?

RapidStudio is an easy-to-use solution that will help you make your own great CoffeeTable Books.

We offer user friendly software for design and also accept files designed in other PhotoBook programs* 

We have online or offline ordering and file submission options and friendly, helpful customer services agents to assist with any queries. 

Here's a brief overview to help you get an idea of how everything fits together: 



You may download the free software or purchase a software CD from our website.  

There are many products available in the software by default but you can add more by visiting our website and looking under the "Free Templates" download section. 

There are also great options for additional design content, like clipart, backgrounds and frames under the "Free Templates" download section on our website. 

When you've created your product in the RapidStudio software and you're ready to order it, simply click the order button and follow the ordering steps. 

It's always best to order and pay online, quick and easy but if you're more of an old-fashioned person, we have guides to help you send your files manually.  But we'd recommend online ordering wherever possible. 

*If you prefer not to use our software, there are a few things you need to be careful of, please look for an article on "Using non-RapidStudio software" for more information but basically, all you need to do is order on our website and upload your PDF file. 

We print and make the products and in 5 working days deliver them to you. 


So basically to summarise, RapidStudio is "Create your own PhotoBook"  

1. Download and install the software 

2. Design the book (or other product) using your pictures and text. 

3. Order 

And we do the rest! 

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