Error finding directory on the site

Error finding directory on the site

Error connecting to site


If you receive this error when opening or updating the software, there are two possible causes.

Either your connection is a bit slow and the software isn't able to find the update on our server (at the time of writing this article, SEACOM was having an outage with resulted in slow international browsing for many ISPs in South Africa and this was causing lots of customers to see the error)

Or there are security protocols that are preventing the software from accessing the update file on our site. This could be that your Network Administrator or firewall or even antivirus are blocking FTP access or access to our servers.

If this is the case, you'll need to contact your Network Administrator or temporarily disable or set an exception in your firewall to allow access while updating.

I am posting the technical details below:

Updates are hosted on various servers that are accessed via the following host names:

Applications that require access to these servers: (inside the RapidStudio software folder)

Update Manager.exe




File Types (extensions) that will be accessed there: exe, obf, dat, txt, ini

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