Voucher Expiry

Often we get queries related to voucher expiry dates.

As a rule we do not extend vouchers, Vouchers are often sold at a discount and one of the conditions of that discount is that there is a limited time in which the voucher may be redeemed.

Please use your voucher before the expiry date.

If you are unsure of the value or expiry date of the voucher, simply enter it in the shopping cart when checking out and you will be told if it is still valid or not.

In the case of discount email promotions, such as Groupon , City Slicker, etc - The voucher value will decrease to the amount the voucher was purchased at for a short grace period.

RapidStudio Support team has no means of extending or in any way changing voucher details.

Please refer to the validity information provided on the voucher when you received it.

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