Altering Content? Backgrounds, etc

In RapidStudio you can use your own images as backgrounds and cliparts.

For a background, simply drag any of the images in your picture library onto the edge of the page, drop it there and it will be added as a background on that page or spread.

For cliparts, use the "Add clipart from file" option from the "design" menu in the software.


Unfortunately you cannot add your own frames, fonts or masks. You'll have to choose from the library available in the software and the themes and templates available for download on the web.


In the event that you try to circumvent these options by adding your own files to the RapidStudio program folders, those files will not be uploaded with your order and will cause your job to error whilst loading on our servers.

On rare occasions, if we have on our system files named similarly to the ones you used, they will not error and the incorrect (our version) of that file will print in your book.

When a job comes in with missing content like this, it has to be cancelled, a refund voucher will be issued and the order will have to be repaired on the client computer before re-ordering a new copy.

here are the steps for repairing:

1. Remove the "custom" added content from all the pages of the album.

2. Remove all the "custom" added files from the RapidStudio program folders.

3. Create a new copy of the order (use the "create another copy" option in the software)

4. Make any changes or add any deleted design elements back on the pages.

5. Order the new copy using your voucher.

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