Low-res Images (Resolution)

If you're using RapidStudio software, there is a built-in feature to warn you when an image is low-res.

When you use an image in a way that will mean it's below the recommended resolution, RapidStudio will alert you with a small red or yellow flag on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

These flags are to warn you that the image, at that size on the page, is at a resolution that is not recommended for print.

There are 3 options in this case.

1. You might decide that you like that image at that size and decide that you don't mind if it prints a little fuzzy or pixelated and leave it be.

2. You may reduce the size of the image or crop it so that more of the image is showing in the placeholder, until the flag goes away.

3. You may replace the image with a higher resolution one.

When we get the order here, we can't judge any better than the software whether it's going to print nicely or not. 

Once the page is printed it's too late to change.

We recommend that if you're worried about the resolution of an image you adhere to the warning flags, they are there to guide you.

If you're not using RapidStudio's software, we can't really tell you if individual images in your design are of print resolution or not. We recommend you use the RapidStudio software to create your albums.

Hardcover and softcover photobooks and all other products pritned on the digital press are printed at around 250dpi

Ultimate Books and Prolab Prints are produced in the wetlab at between 300dpi and (on request up to) 640dpi

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