Return policy guidelines

If you are not satisfied with your product, then neither are we. We really aim to provide awesome quality products at competitive prices.

Sometimes things do go wrong and sometimes problems slip through the cracks (everyone has a Monday morning now and again).

If you feel the product you've received is not up to scratch, we really want to help put the smile back on your face.

It is sometimes a little tricky managing customer expectation, we have a wide range of products each catering for a different market segment and each coming in at it's own price point. 

First, please check the full product description so we're all on the same page about what the product should be and what level of quality can realistically be expected. It is best to read the descriptions before ordering, but if not, at least have look before returning it.

Also please bear in mind that there are some things which are out of our control. I'll list a few points at the end of the article which are really beyond the scope of our responsibility.

Next, Please take a pic or two of the things you're dissatisfied with and send them through to us with a description.

If need be, we'll arrange for a collection or ask you to return the books to us in order to get them back in our hands. This return will be at your own cost and will be refunded if the quality fault is our own.

  • Courier to 21b Stephenson Street, Village Main, Johannesburg, 2001
  • (not recommended) Post to PO Box 11196 Johannesburg 2000
  • Be sure to send us your tracking or waybill number
  • We are able to help arrange this for you if you like

If we are solely responsible for the mistake we'll gladly reprint the order free of charge.

If the responsibility for the mistake is shared or lies on the customer side, we'll negotiate a compromise that we all feel is fair.

We believe in open transparency and we'll do whatever we can to come to a fair resolution.

If you feel we aren't living up to these points, you're most welcome to take the point up with our leadership.

Here's a few things to be aware of that we feel is beyond the scope of our responsibility. We feel they are well covered in several articles, on our website and in some cases, general knowledge.

1. We do not check spelling, grammar, dates .etc in the text of the orders.

2. We keep our printers calibrated within reasonable professional limits for colour accuracy - we do not apply any colour "enhancements".

3. Our digital presses print at a dot 200 screen (4 colour toner - used when printing Hardcover, layflat and most other products), and our wetlab prints at around 300dpi (Ultimate products and professional photo prints) - supplied image resolution is beyond our control.

4. There are problems with older versions of software, that's the biggest reason we release updates, you need to be on the newest software version - If your problem is related to an out of date version we can't be held responsible.

5. If changes have been made to RapidStudio's content like backgrounds, cliparts, frames, masks and effects. (Files inside RapidStudio's program folder have been added or altered on the user's PC).

6. Fonts have been used that are not in the RapidStudio software - or not embedded if the software wasn't used (can easily happen in older software versions if you copy and paste formatted text from another application like MS Word).

7. The product has clearly been mistreated. General wear and tear over years of use. Water (or similar) damage

8. The South African Post Office (we recommend not giving a PO Box address). Strikes (or similar disruptions) in the Transport Industry.

9. Design or layout problems like photo detail or text being lost in the spine or cut / bleed area, low resolution or out-of-focus images.

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