Support Tickets

RapidStudio uses a support ticketing system to track customer issues and queries until they are resolved.

When you email RapidStudio or contact us through another support channel, a support ticket will be created so that the complaint, query or issue will be tracked and monitored until it has been completely resolved and both RapidStudio and the customer are both satisfied that it had been resolved or answered. Each different enquiry or request needs it's own ticket and a single request should not be made in multiple separate tickets. 

If you have a support ticket number you can log in on RapidStudio Support and track the progress of the ticket.

When we believe the query is resolved, we will close the ticket and you will receive an email notifying you that the ticket has been closed (or is about to be closed) 

If you're satisfied that it is indeed resolved, that's great. If not, you can reply on the email to re-open the ticket and we'll attend to it again.

If you receive an email saying the ticket is closed, it does not mean that:

  • The voucher you were asking about has expired.
  • The job you're asking about has been cancelled or completed.

It only related to the support ticket that was created when you made the enquiry.

If in future you have other questions or queries or requests, please don't reply on an old ticket, rather open a new fresh ticket for the new enquiry.

If you've opened a ticket with a query and you would like to update it or add further information, please don't open a fresh ticket with the new updates, always reply on the same ticket to ensure the support agent dealing with your enquiry has all the information they need in one place.



Closing a ticket is not at all related to ending a job / voucher.

1 ticket per problem, enquiry or request

New problems, enquiries or requests should go into new tickets.

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