I can't see text on my pages

Symptom: no text is visible on the pages, you are able to create text boxes but the text isn't visible in the book.

Cause: This happens when a required windows component (MS Publisher Color Printer) that the software relies on to render the text is missing.

The software sometimes prompts you to try install it whenever you start the software up. You might need to have your Windows CD handy to install it. If you insert the Windows CD, ignore or close the autorun window that will open when you put it in. Please always remember to remove the windows CD after the required files have been copied.

If the software doesn't prompt you to install it, install it yourself or ask one of our technicians to assist with installing it. 

When installing it yourself, go to your printers window from the control panel and add a new printer.

Choose a local printer, do not allow the system to "detect" as it's not a physical device we've plugged in, it's just the driver we want.

For the port, choose "nul: (Local Port)" - or if you don't see it, choose "File: (Print to File)"

On the driver selection window, choose "Generic" as the manufacturer and "MS Publisher Color Printer" as the printer.

Do not set this as your default printer.

And you're done.

The text on the pages might only show when the page preview is refreshed. Try moving one of the items on the page to force the preview to refresh.

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