I'm not reaching the payment page when ordering using the RapidStudio Software

When ordering from the RapidStudio Software, it really simplifies the whole order process and brings it under one assisted flow that takes you through the order, payment and uploading processes.

The software does however have a few requirements in order to do this. If it's not working as expected please check the following:

1. You're connected to the internet before clicking the order button.

2. You have the newest software version. We're always trying to make things easier and more robust, please check you're using the newest version.

3. If you have security software or a business firewall blocking the software from connecting to our servers. 

4. If your connection is too slow or busy - if there are other heavy downloads or uploads slowing it down, it will have trouble connecting to our servers to place the order.

There are individual knowledgebase articles dealing with upgrading your software and firewalls or network security. 

If the points above aren't able to resolve your ordering problem, please contact our support desk for one of our technicians to connect to your PC and assist in diagnosing and resolving the problem.


call 011 225 0500 - or mail info@rapidstudio.co.za

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