Sample Books.

A sample book is for the reseller and are 50% less than the shopping cart price, discounts and vouchers will not apply to this type of book.

Once you have created your book let us know before you check it out of your cart and we will put the discount in.

Here are the requirements of a sample book.

1. The book must have sample or portfolio on it.

2. The pictures inside the book must be of different subjects IE. different weddings, different children and models ETC. they may not be a customer book that you want to give as a sample. 

3. Your logo and or your contact details including your website must appear in the book.

In short it must look like a sample or portfolio and may only be used to sell the product and to show your photographic skills (if you are a photographer) and can't be sold to customers.

Sample books will only be authorised once the book has been checked that all these requirements have been met.

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