Cancelling an FTP upload

If you've started uploading an order in RapidStudio and you realise you need to cancel it,

Perhaps because you're bandwidth is about to run out, or you realise you've uploading the wrong book,

Here's how to stop it.


First you need to open up the FTP Uploader from the system tray at the bottom right of your screen by double-clicking on it.

You then need to click on "manage orders" 

Select the order that's uploading or "in progress"

then click Cancel order upload. > yes

When asked "would you like to bring a copy of the order to the lab yourself?"

If you would like to create a file for burning to CD to send us, choose yes and save it somewhere convenient, otherwise choose no.

You can then close the "Order Management" window and the "Album FTP Uploader" window.



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