I don't have ........ in my software.

We're always creating new products and adding new stuff to our software.

For various reasons, you might not have one of the products or options available in your software.

You are able to download any of the products you want off our website.

Go to the Software menu at the top of our homepage.

These installs will just add that particular item to your software.

Here's how to install them once you've downloaded them.


For PC: Close the RapidStudio software and run the file (doubleclick it) - It will let you know when the update is complete.


For Mac: in the RapidStudio software, choose configuration > manually update files..., you can then select the oac file you downloaded - It will let you know when the update is complete.


Then you're done.

You should find the new product in your software.


Or you can visit our new website and simply do your design online, no software or downloads necessary.

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