Proofing large orders

If you're placing a large order, for example 10 or more books, We would recommend you order a single copy as a proof to check your book and then re-order the duplicates of the website when you've received it and you're happy with it.

If you have any changes to a large order once you receive the proof, you need to make a new copy of the book in your software, make the changes on the new copy and then place a new order for a second try.

If we get an order for a large number of books, we usually print one copy and check it ourselves. We obviously don't know your exact design intent, so we just look out for common problems and things that we feel might be unintentional or an oversight. It's important that you're aware that the checking we do is not with your creative design intent in mind and we can easily have a different idea of, for instance, whether a specific font or layout "fits" the design or not. So it's easy that we can miss things that you might feel are important. For this reason we recommend you order one copy first and check it yourself and then the rest later.

If in our checking we do find a problem, we will contact you and let you know that there's something we feel needs your input and we will decide how to proceed from there.

We only internally "proof" books that have more than 5 copies. If the production managers feel they are fine, we then print the rest and produce the whole order.

Common reasons for dissatisfaction for which we cannot accept responsibility:

Wrong clip art due to the user adding or replacing files in the software's working folders

Wrong font due to the user using fonts that are not in the fonts list in the software or not embedding the font in the supplied files.

Incorrect dates (we do not check dates)

Incorrect spelling (we do not check spelling or grammar)

Duplicate pages in the design

Blank pages in the design

Photo detail or text being lost in the spine or cut / bleed area. (For more information please check the article on bleed in our knowledge base)


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