RapidStudio started out a long time ago using powder coated steel spines.

We used to use this as a selling point, highlighting the strength and durability of it, which was very true but it was also not the ideal method of binding.

Along with our Hardcover range of books we ran a similarly prices "Squareback" range which used this same spine, but with a 300gsm "card" cover instead of the proper hard cover.

Since then we've really improved our binding methods, we've got a strong, attractive, personalisable spine on our hard cover books and no longer have the need for the hulk-like steel spines.

At this juncture we decided to discontinue the "Squareback" range of books. They just didn't make sense any more. We didn't want to grow the product range but we still wanted to allow those who started a set of books on the Squareback range could still, if they wanted, order more to suit.

Users who still have the "Squareback" album type on their computer will still be able to order these books, but Squarebacks are no longer included in any of the new software releases or themes and templates.

We are trying to discontinue the product range, so it no longer shows on any price lists, the order must be made in software with that album type still available in order to see the price or have the order placed.

We don't have any updates to add this product range to enable this product range on newer software versions, They may only be made and ordered if you still have the option in your software.

We regret having to discontinue a range of products but in some cases, it just makes sense, we need to focus on the future, focus on perfecting products that have the potential to be really great. In the case of the "Squareback", it didn't make the cut.

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