Clipart, backgrounds? I didn't put there!

We've encountered a problem a few times where someone receives a book back from us and are rather unpleasantly surprised by various cliparts that they didn't place themselves.

These phantom design elements are actually in the original design but not visible on the user's PC. 

This is because the file they refer to are missing on their PC.

There are a few common cases that can result in this behaviour:

1. The album has been copied or moved from one computer to another (the computers are bound to have different content)

2. If RapidStudio has been re-installed (instead of upgraded)

3. Content has been deleted from the RapidStudio folder

4. A sample album (on which the offending album was based) was copied from a computer with different content.

If you've experienced this problem, the solution is pretty simple.

1. Delete all your sample albums

2. Install the newest version of RapidStudio (from version 7.1.6 and on, RapidStudio will warn you of missing content before ordering)

3. Create a new copy of the album and order it.

Another alternative is to check the "element list" on each page and delete any empty or missing elements off the page or install themes and templates that contain the missing elements thereby making them visible.

Most importantly, try and get the problem resolved before your next order.

Our support team is always available to assist with any software problems.

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