What is the difference between pages, spreads and leaves. - How many pages is 24 pages?

One of the most common problems and questions asked at RapidStudio is; "How many pages are 24 pages actually?"

Well firstly a page is just that, when you read a page in a novel you see that each page is numbered. You read page one and turn over and read the next page, page two and so on. So each side of a piece of paper is referred to as a page.

The most popular mistake is thinking a leaf in a book is a page. A leaf is generally referred to as a sheet of paper that makes up two pages. When you suspend an open book and hold it up by one sheet of paper this is referred to as a leaf in a book.

The next common problem is, "what is a spread?". A spread consist of two pages. This can easily be explained by looking at a picture book, when a picture starts on the left page and continues over to the following page on the right, this is a spread. So when a book is opened and laid flat, these two pages are referred to as a spread.

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