Canvas Wrap (not really bleed)

We've recently ramped up our whole canvas product and service offering as we joined with a team who specifically focus on canvases and launched the "RapidCanvas" brand.


We've seen that the canvas options we had in the past were very limited and restrictive. We're keeping those available in the software for ordering by people who have them and want to use them but if you want to take advantage of some of the more interesting and versatile options when ordering a canvas, you may order off the website - > Home-Decor > Canvas

You'll notice there's a wide variety of sizes and finishing options that aren't available in the software.


If you're not using the software, you need to have your artwork ready for print and an idea of how you want the product to look.

First we must take into consideration the thickness of the frame, is the canvas going to have a 2cm thick frame or a 4cm thick frame. This is how far out from the wall the canvas face will be.

Then we must decide how we want the sides of the canvas to be, a solid white, grey, black or "gallery" option.

Gallery means that the image is stretched over the sides of the frame and continues all the way back to the wall. This means that there needs to be enough space on the edges of the image so that no important detail or composition will be lost over the edge of the canvas in this "gallery wrap" area. This isn't really bleed as it's not cut off or lost, it's just folded around the side of the frame. The size of the wrap will obviously depend on the thickness of the frame you've chosen and about 3mm of the image will be wrapped all the way over to the back of the frame as well, so if you chose a 2cm frame, you need 2cm plus 3mm of wrap around the edge of the image (each of all 4 sides). This is only for the gallery option, if you want it black, white or grey, this will be added for you when printing.

You can add multiple photos to a canvas, if you design this yourself (In Rapidstudio or other software) that's great, if you would like our canvas maker to assemble a collage for you, there are additional costs and you should request a quote before checking out your cart.

When designing in the RapidStudio software, 

An image pulled up to safe area line will not wrap around frame - It will have a white wrap.
An image pulled beyond safe area line will wrap around frame. It's best to drag your image beyond the edge of the "page" for the image to have a proper gallery wrap.

For all other options, please order off the website.


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