Embossing is available when ordering an Ultimate book.

The artwork for the embossing needs to be uploaded with the order or sent to us by email to info@rapidstudio.co.za, along with the order number and any specific requirements.


If you would like Embossing on other products, the only other product we can currently emboss is the animal friendly leather, the cost is the same as for the ultimate books, please see the price list. As this option isn't available in the ordering process, please contact us and allow us to manually add it to your order before checking out.

Note: on Animal friendly leather, some embossing blocks are not suitable and in this case, a new block will need to be purchased even if the artwork is the same as previous ultimate book embossings you have done.


If you are using the exact same embossing artwork as a previous order, we might still have the block on hand, in this case, you don't need to purchase a new block, you only pay for the impression to be made on the book. If there are any changes to the artwork, a new block must be ordered.

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