If you'd like to order more than one of an item, you may set the number of copies you would like in the shopping cart.

Things to be aware of:

The quantity you set in the shopping cart is the number of "exact copies" of the product that you are purchasing.

If you would like, for instance, two mugs but each with a different image, you need to order two different mugs. If you set the quantity or copies to 2, you will receive 2 exact copies of that mug.


Some products in our desktop software, for your convenience, allow you to design more than one item at a time. These can be represented in the editor as "pages" - so if you have for instance, a fridge magnet and you add 3 pages, you place 3 different images on the pages and we will print and produce 3 different fridge magnets for you.

If you would like multiple copies of these 3 fridge magnets, you set the quantity in the shopping cart. For instance, if you would like 2 sets, one for yourself and one as a gift, you create the 3 pages in the editor and then set the quantity in the cart to 2. This means we will print those 3 designs twice and you will receive 6 magnets; 2 of each of the 3 images you designed.


If you would like to re-order an additional copy of a book you have already received, you are able to do this off our website.

Sign-in on the website and under "My Account" select the "Re-Order" option.

This will allow you to search for the product you would like to re-order and place a new order for an additional copy of it. 

Please note however, that we do not keep your files indefinitely and if they are no longer saved on our system, you will be asked to send them through to us again.


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