Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is an amazing way to experience the wonder of virtual reality with nothing more than your smartphone and the Google Cardboard set.


If you got a Google Cardboard set from us, here are some great apps to get started with:


Google Cardboard: An amazing introductory app for Android and iPhone users by the creators of Google Cardboard themselves:




YouTube 360 - For Android only: watch 360 degree 3D YouTube videos, as if you were right there. - remember to click the cardboard icon when the video starts to play.

iPhone guys, sorry the YouTube app doesn't have the cardboard feature yet. You can try this app, in360tube - I personally didn't enjoy it, but here it is anyway:


Vrse: Some interesting 3D 360 degree videos.





Defend Santas Grotto: A cute kid's game, stop Snowmen from stealing Santa's pies by throwing snow balls at them.




These links to 3rd party sites might change, so please let us know if you have any trouble.

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