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We're proud to be able to print PDF's that are correctly saved out of iPhoto on your Apple Mac. We have thousands of Mac customers who love the beautiful photobooks that iPhoto helps create and we're proud of our innovative workflows that let us produce these photobooks accurately.

Recently Apple released the new successor to iPhoto: Photos. Photos brings a bunch of great new features to how we manage, store and share our photos. But when it comes to saving a PDF of your photobook for print, it's not quite there yet.

PDF's from Photos come with a chopped up cover and dustcover, that is the cover and dustcover aren't a single correctly sized spread as in iPhoto, they are separate pages and lack not only spine text, wrap area and bleed, but even space for a spine at all.

We are capable of printing these files, but it takes a lot of human intervention to manipulate the cover and make it to print correctly. After this process, you still won't have spine text and the image quality and layout will be affected.

We strongly recommend that you continue to create your beautiful Apple photo books in iPhoto (version 9.6.1 recommended) and not switch your book creation to the all new Photos quite yet.


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