Discounts, vouchers and Promo codes.

Changing over to our new site there are some differences in how we will deal with promo codes, vouchers and bulk discounts.

On the new site, Bulk discounts are built into the product pricing and always be applied if there are enough copies of a specific item, regardless of whatever promo or voucher you use.

On the new site, Promo codes and vouchers are the same thing. If you wish to take advantage of a promotion (ie, buy one, get one free or get a free mug when you buy two photobooks) - you will not be able to pay for the order with a voucher. You'll have to choose between the various codes you have, which one you would like to make use of on the order. You can't use more than one code at a time.

Royalty points are on hold, they are not yet available on the new site, to earn or to spend.


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