Paint by Shadow

The Paint by Shadow makes it easy for virtually anyone to create a masterpiece. Regardless of your artistic skill level, the Paint by Shadow makes it possible to create vibrant, beautiful artwork of your very own. Our unique system gives you a solid foundation to start on. You won’t need any formal training to create a stunning piece of art!


The Paint by Shadow system walks you through painting a portrait by offering a shadow outline of the image of your choice. There’s no preparation needed to get started! We’ve made it as seamless as possible to get started.


There are many portraits to choose from and once you’ve selected one, you’ll receive a premium quality stretched canvas that is pre-shadowed with the image you’ve chosen. The beauty of the Paint by Shadow system is that it gives you the confidence to jump in and before you know it, you’re painting something you never dreamed was possible.


The Paint by Shadow system offers several levels of canvases for all skill sets. Choose from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced canvases as you become a more proficient artist. Choose the canvas of your skill set and size to customise your experience!


Each canvas is designed with a premium crafted wooden frame and artist matte canvas material to ensure perfection with oil and acrylic paints. Each image comes with a mixing chart to show you exactly how to perfectly match and blend colours, tones and shades. We recommend that you purchase, from us, a basic starter pack of acrylic paints and brushes to get started - our guide will provide everything you need to get the most out of a beginner’s set!


In addition, we recommend using an easel for best results. RapidStudio sells a tabletop easel that is compact yet professional.


Paint By Shadow portraits are perfect for a craft project and they can also be implemented as part of team building activities, party activities and charity work.


RapidStudio believes that creativity should be nurtured and that’s what the Paint by Shadow system offers. It gives you the opportunity to have a blast, painting a beautiful portrait and then, you get to hang it on your wall for all to admire!

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