7 Simple Steps to Create a Photobook

Creating a custom photobook at RapidStudio is simple and fun! Get ready, set, go!


  1. Choose your desired photobook from our selection.
  2. Select your preferences and then click “Create Your Own”.
  3. You’ll be brought to the RapidStudio editor, where the magic happens! The first step is to upload your selected images using the image tool at the bottom of the editor. Upload from Facebook, Instagram, your computer or your RapidStudio gallery.
  4. Choose your desired background, page layouts and clip art.
  5. Then, tweak the fine details of each page of your photobook with the tools on the left. Customize photo border colours and more, and add personalised text throughout your photobook!
  6. Once you’ve completed your photobook or come to a stopping point, exit the editor using the “Exit” button at the top right hand side. You’ll save your photobook to your account. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up during this step to save your photobook!
  7. Once you’re ready to edit or purchase your photobook, you can simply go to the “My Projects” section. Select your photobook and continue!
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