Ultimate Albums - Embossing & Foiling

What is the difference between embossing and foiling?

-With embossing we use a machined "block" to heat press an impression into the leather of your cover. This impression is clearly visible and does not fade due to the heat application. 

With foiling we use the same block to transfer either GOLD or Silver leaf directly onto the leather with a low heat press. This does not leave an impression in the leather as with embossing but rather applies the leaf onto the leather. 


At default, where on the cover will you emboss / foil ? 

-We will emboss / foil on the front, bottom right corner of the cover.


Can we request it be embossed on a different location?

-Of course, but we do suggest you contact us before ordering to confirm whether or not it would be possible.


Can we have embossing / foiling on any the covers you have on offer?

Unfortunately not all covers are suitable for embossing or foiling. All canvas material covers cannot be embossed or foiled. Cover such as the Mural, Elegance, Pinstriped cannot be embossed / foiled on the front because of the design of the cover, however it can be done on the back of the cover. Please contact us if you are unsure of where the embossing will be done.


Are there costs involved?

-Yes. We have to have a block machined for you which is a once off cost every time you want something new embossed or foiled. As well there is a small fee for every stamp on an album. You have the choice of re-using a block you ordered previously or ordering a new one by selecting "New Embossing/Foiling Block"


May I just give you the text and font I would like to have embossed or foiled onto my cover?

-Unfortunately not. Embossing / Foiling blocks are machined from a design that you have to submit through to us when selecting the Embossing / Foiling option. 


How should I submit the file for the embossing / foiling block and what size will it end up being?

- Blocks are 9 x 5cm in size so we require the file to be 9 x 5cm in size, black on white and the file may be submitted as a JPG. When designing your block please bear in mind that the design should not have any fine detailing or spacing as we find it is, more often than not, illegible once foiled / embossed onto the leather. This is most true with fine cursive fonts and we do not advise using cursive when designing your block.

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