Unedited placeholder

Sometimes when ordering a project you may recieve a warning about unedited place holders.

This arises from a few places:

You have an empty photo place holder (grey block where you may drag an image) or text place holder (text box where you may insert your own text)

1. It might be that you didn't realise that the text should be customised. "My Calendar" on the front of a calendar is a place holder and will not print unless you put your own text in there.

2. It might be that you inadvertently covered a place holder with another image and it's not obviously visible on the page.

3. The theme designer could have made a mistake when creating the theme and incorrectly set something as a place-holder which shouldn't have been set as a place-holder.

In any of these cases, If you have carefully checked the book and all of the contests are your own and you like where it is and how it looks. You then order with confidence knowing your book will print correctly.

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