Ordering on the Pro site with RapidStudio's desktop software

We have a test software update that will change your desktop software to enable you to place your orders on the professional site.

Windows users: You can download the update here: 2U.RS/prosoftware


Mac Users:

  1. Close your RapidStudio software.
  2. Open finder and browse to Users > Shared > RapidStudio
  3. Open LabConfig and change:
    • FTP_CONFIG_DIR=config_v6/
    • to:
    • FTP_CONFIG_DIR=config_pro/
  4. Save the file and exit.
  5. Open your RapidStudio software and check for updates.
  6. Choose to download and install the latest update.


Please note that this is not a final release and there is a known issue:

- Orders sometimes don't land in your cart when ordering using this version.

If this happens, simply exit the order process (do not exit the software) and try again. We are trying to resolve this issue.

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