Ultimate Albums - Paper & Binding Options

What sort of printer do you use to print your Ultimate Albums?

-Our Ultimate albums are printed on our Noritsu Ultra High Definition Professional Wetlab printer, producing impeccable single sided prints at standard 300 dpi. Upon request, we are able to accommodate up to 640 dpi. This is the highest in photographic print quality.


What type of paper do you use to print on?

-Matt Paper

Printed on high quality Kodak Ektacolor Edge (Lustre) photographic paper for a timeless and high quality finish that will last for years.

-Metallic Paper

Our wow factor paper option, printed on high quality Fujifilm Metallic (Pearl) photographic paper, this paper option is highly recommended for designs that need that extra brightness and sheen. The amount of light that's brought into the print from the high reflective index of the paper really makes your images pop with brightness and vivid colour.


What are the different binding options?


Spreads are mounted on 1 mm board for a thicker more luxurious finish.


Spreads are mounted back-to-back using a thinner sheet.

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