Ultimate Albums - Design

How do I design and order an Ultimate album?

-You may design and order an ultimate in a variety of ways:

RapidStudio Desktop Software

You may use our desktop software to design and order your albums. There are a variety of theme sets available to use but please note you may have to download the Ultimate Album Templates in order to access them through the software. Also be aware that only the Mural semi-personalised cover template is available in the desktop software. For assistance or more information please contact us;

RapidStudio Online Editor

You may make use of our incredible web based online editor straight from our website. Design, submit and order your album directly from our website. All sizes and semi-personalized templates are available in our online editor. For assistance or more information please contact us;

Third Party Software

You may use third party software i.e. Photoshop to design your albums. Once the album has been designed you submit the files through our Upload/Quote option on our website. Alternatively for more peace of mind import your design directly into our online editor and drop it into our templates to make 100% sure they are suitable. For assistance or more information please contact us;


In what format should my files be exported for submission if I design in third party software? 

-For the Ultimate range of albums we prefer the files be exported as JPG in at least 300DPI and in RGB. Please bear in mind we also require Ultimate files to be designed as spreads and not single pages.

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