Designing semi-personalised covers

Introducing Semi-Personalised Covers for Your Ultimate Albums

Experience a new level of personalization with semi-personalised covers for your Ultimate Albums. Combining the elegance of leather or fabric with your unique touch, our semi-personalised covers offer three distinct styles: Monoblock, Mural, and Vista. These designs provide a perfect balance between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Monoblock: A Unique Picture Cutout

The Monoblock cover features a picture "cutout" in the front, blending a leather or fabric cover with your personalized image. Design your Monoblock cover using our Online Editor or with the help of our Photoshop / JPG Template.

Mural: A Beautiful Blend of Leather and Print

The Mural cover showcases a leather or fabric spine and hinge, with a large portion of the front cover featuring your personalized print, bleeding off the right, top, and bottom edges. Create a Mural cover using our Online Editor or by downloading our Photoshop / JPG Template.

Vista: A Subtle Touch of Personalization

The Vista cover offers a predominantly leather or fabric front cover, with a narrow vertical personalized strip on the right-hand side that bleeds off the top and bottom edges. The far-right edge remains leather or fabric, providing a sophisticated finish. Design your Vista cover using our Online Editor or with our Photoshop / JPG Template.

Design Your Semi-Personalised Cover with Ease

Whether you prefer using our intuitive Online Editor or wish to download our Photoshop and JPG templates, we've made designing your semi-personalised cover simple and straightforward. Access our templates for all our semi-personalized covers by visiting http://2U.RS/semi-ult-cov.

Embrace the Future of Photobook Covers

Semi-personalised covers for your Ultimate Albums allow you to showcase your creativity while preserving the timeless appeal of leather or fabric materials. Experience the perfect fusion of traditional and modern design with Monoblock, Mural, and Vista covers. Elevate your photobook experience with our stunning semi-personalised covers and create a truly memorable keepsake.

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