Problems with using 3rd party image sources.

It's really convenient to be able to use services like Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram as an image source when creating projects on our website.

There are however a few potential pitfalls you should be aware of.

When using a 3rd party image source, for legal reasons, we're not allowed to keep a copy of those images on our servers. When designing the project, creating the print files, and previewing the project, our systems will always go back to that original image source to use it.

Bearing that in mind, if an image you've used in a project is deleted or altered on any of those 3rd party platforms, it will be deleted or altered in your project.

If you require a reprint, or want to share the project with a friend or family member, and those images have changed or been removed, that project will be affected.

If the files on the 3rd party service have been removed or altered before the project gets to quality control in our production process, the quality control agents will not be able to properly check the preview of your project as the images will be missing or altered.


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