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When looking back at 2015, Rapidstudio made huge strides to improve the experience for our Professional Alliance clients' experience and giving them the widest range of products at the lowest prices possible.


We officially launched in August 2015 that gave our Professional users their very own portal and the initial feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. However, as time went on, we realised having a separate website proved to be a lesser experience for some professional clients who, for instance wanted to take advantage of Promotions for regular users and found themselves having to log in with a different account on a different website. This was only one of many small niggles we found our clients were experiencing and although it would be possible to just fix these problems, we ultimately decided that having a separate website and essentially dividing our clients down the middle was just not the right way to go about it.


We’ve always held our Rapidstudio Professional Photographers Alliance members in high esteem and have always looked towards the future to try and improve our products, quality, service and shopping experience for all our clients, but even more so for our Professionals, therefor we ultimately took the decision to do away with the professional website as it currently exists but we’re also expanding our horizons to and reach even more like minded individuals,

Welcome to the Rapidstudio Professional Alliance


We do realise this might be a big change for some but bear with us, because as you will notice as you continue reading, the positives that come with this change far outweigh the negatives:


·        One account, one website

You no longer have to keep track of which website to use or which account to log in to take advantage of promotions or receive your professional discount. You’ll have ONE account and ONE website.


·        Everything is discounted

When we launched our new website we created specific price points for certain products whereas others were no longer discounted. We found more often as not, people were asking “What exactly is my discount on this?” Well we’re happy to announce that this is no longer the case. All Professionals Alliance members will now enjoy a flat 15%-off discount across all products. Yes that right, every single product on our website will be 15%-off. Furthermore, you will even enjoy these discounts stacked on top of bulk discounts but unfortunately you will not receive your 15% discount on top of making use of Promotions, Specials or Vouchers. We also have a brand new pricing system for our Photo Prints and are also introducing for the first time ever, Bulk Photo Print discounts which will stack on top of your 15%-off!


·        Improved ordering experience

Along with this big move for professionals we’re making some big changes to our website and more specifically, the manual ordering processes to improve the experience for all our clients. Changes include things like bringing back a much requested feature, the ability to manually order bulk photo prints without using our online editor. When selecting the Upload / Quote option you will also notice the process is much easier to understand, faster to use and more informative than ever before.


·        Same products, quality and service

We understand the changes might seem daunting for some and you might feel discouraged that this is going to affect the products, quality or even service you’ve come to expect and trust from Rapidstudio Professional but we’re here to reassure you that none of that is changing. In fact you might even notice some big improvements on all these fronts thanks to the absolute dedication from our Rapidstudio Professional Alliance team to continuously improve.

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