My Flash Preview stopped working!

In today's fast-paced digital world, keeping up with technology is a challenge. RapidStudio's Flash Previews, once a popular feature, no longer work on the latest versions of internet browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. But let's face it, Flash Previews had their issues – they were clunky, slow, and often frustrating to use. So we decided to create a better solution for our customers: the project sharing tool on our website.

Design and Share Your Photo Book with Ease

RapidStudio's online editor makes designing your photo book a breeze. It's intuitive, user-friendly, and offers a variety of options to create the perfect look for your book. Once you're satisfied with your project, just save it.

To share your photo book, head to the "My Projects" page and click the "share" button next to your desired project. You can share it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, via email, or send a direct link for your friends, customers, and colleagues to view without signing in or creating an account. The project sharing tool works seamlessly across various platforms, including mobile devices!

Professional and Secure Project Sharing for Photographers and Designers

For professional photographers and designers, sharing your work securely and professionally is crucial. Our project sharing tool allows you to create a share link without edit permissions and our logo, perfect for sharing proofs with clients.

This feature presents your work professionally, making it easy for clients to provide feedback without distractions. The non-editable link ensures that your work is viewed precisely as you intended.

Experience the Ultimate in Photo Book Sharing

RapidStudio's project sharing tool is ideal for professionals and casual users alike. With its user-friendly design and secure sharing features, you can showcase your photo books, canvases, and personalized gifts effortlessly and confidently.

Don't miss out on creating the perfect photo book or Ultimate photo album with RapidStudio. Visit today to get started on your next project and experience the best in photo book sharing in South Africa!

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