There are 3 channels through which you can design and order your photobook.

  1. RapidStudio's website has built in design tools to allow you to design and order beautiful photobooks, canvases, calendars and other products anytime from anywhere. Several years ago we saw that a growing trend towards cloud services was going to shape the future of our business, we invested early in bringing revolutionary design tools right into our website to enable a comprehensive easy to use design-to-delivery solution. We continue to improve and grow the website and online design tools in collaboration with our international development partners.

  2. 3rd party software that allows you to design photobooks or other products is increasingly popular. RapidStudio is committed to accepting print ready files from any 3rd party software provided the format and sizing is compatible with our products. These files can be easily uploaded on our website while placing your order.

  3. RapidStudio's desktop photobook design software arrived very early on in the photobook industry in South Africa. The then revolutionary design software was licenced from an international company that many of our local and international competitors also chose to use. While it leveraged the best of current technology when it was released, it struggled to keep up with the resurgence of Apple Mac and the shift to mobile technology. While the software still works for many of our users, we increasingly experience more and more problems with it.

We have been slowly preparing to retire our desktop photobooks design software for several years now, improving our online design tools and options and actively encouraging users to switch to our online design tools. Given an increase in the amount of users experiencing problems with installation, design and ordering, decreasing compatibility with newer computers and image formats, and increasing problems with processing user orders for print, RapidStudio will now be stepping up efforts to retire our desktop software. While we're not "turning it off" it is considered end-of-life and out of support. We strongly recommend users complete and order any existing projects in the software, and switch to our online design tools for all new projects. Doing your project on the RapidStudio website provides a simpler, easier, quicker user experience

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