Ordering several items easily

You want to make personalised year books for your whole class or team or club, or maybe it's printed canvases, mugs, or shutterblocks. Each very similar, but with a small change or a different image.

There's a handy shortcut to get this done quickly.

When you've perfected the first one. save it to "my projects".

Here you can give it a name using the pencil icon next to the project name to the left, so you know which is which.

And then duplicate it using the "Duplicate" button to the right of the project.

The new copy can then be given a new name, and edit the project to replace the image you want changed, or many other small personalisations.

As you finish a project you can add it to the cart, and start modifying a new copy for the next recipient.


A few things to keep in mind. - once the project is added to the cart, don't edit it in "my projects" any more. These edits will not affect the one that's sitting in the cart.

You can always double check the projects in your cart, give them a once-over to make sure they're all print ready before checking out.






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