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Transfer of Rapid studio Album from one computer to another ??

I want to insert or transfer an Rapid studio album or .obf file from one computer to another. Or from a flashdrive to the Rapid studio program on my laptop. How do I insert or upload the file / album in the Rapid studio program? There is no "insert" option ?? I've tried to open it from the flashdrive by "browsing" and then choose Rapid studio but it doesn't work. Please Help !!

Sanet Schoon Answered

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While it's possible to backup an album, we strongly recommend that that backup be used as such, and not a method to transfer it to another computer.
While this feature makes transferring them possible, there are several problems that can arise from using it in this way.

Mainly, if the content (clipart, backgrounds, frames, masks, effects, etc) differ on the two machines, it can cause certain elements in the album to print unexpectedly.

You might find that additional content was installed, or a slightly different software release used, and one of the backgrounds that was used in the original album that does not exist on the new computer. You continue the design work as if the page has no background, and when the album is printed, that background re-appears because even though it was not visible on the second computer, it still existed in the album since it was inserted on the first computer. These content-mismatch problems are common when transferring albums between computers.

A less common problem, but a problem none the less, is that now 2 albums exist with the same order number. Ordering the first album will be trouble free, but if you try order the second, from the other computer, there will be a duplicate order number on our system, and it will prevent you from placing the order.

If you wish to migrate your albums to a new computer, a support technician can assist in backing up the entire RapidStudio system, and transferring it with all it's content to the new computer. This way you can prevent any content mismatch problems.

There's more information here:

Steven Hook
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Thanx. I've found it. Click on Order, Then Restore Order and Browse to open the file from your flashdrive.

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